Website Backend Overview

Websites have a frontend and a backend. The frontend is what visitors see. The backend is the interface you’ll use to manage the website. Within your website backend, you’ll find the following ten sections in the left sidebar.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Media
  3. Litters
  4. Dogs
  5. Pages
  6. FAQ
  7. Testimonials
  8. WPForms
  9. Profile
  10. Insights
  11. Collaborate
Turnkey Dog Breeding Websites dashboard screenshot


Your website dashboard presents three boxes.

  1. Form Analytics. Here you can quickly see the number of form submissions over the last 7 or 30 days. 
  2. Add a New Litter. Click to add a new litter entry.
  3. Add a New Dog. Click to add a new dog entry.

Read the support doc Dashboard to learn more about the dashboard interface.


Media is the image library. This is where you can view and upload images and other media. Read the support doc Media to learn more about managing and editing images.


Location of all litter entries. “Litters” uses a data entry form. Read the support doc Litters to learn more about managing and editing litter posts.


Location of all breeding dog entries. “Breeding dogs” uses a data entry form. Read the support doc Dogs to learn more about managing and editing dog posts.


Location of all page entries. “Pages” uses a page builder interface.

From the frontend, litters, dogs, and pages appear to be the same. The difference impacts the person managing the website. Below is a linear outline of the website structure. All except the bolded items are located in the “Pages” area of the WordPress Dashboard and are editable using a page builder interface.

  1. Home
  2. About
    1. About Us 
    2. About Labradoodles 
    3. Our Code of Ethics 
    4. Health Testing 
    5. Enrichment & Socialization 
    6. Our Neutering Policies
  3. Puppies
    1. Current Litters
    2. Future Litters
    3. Past Litters
  4. Breeding Dogs
    1. Our Girls
    2. Our Boys
    3. Breeding Dogs for Sale
    4. Stud Services
  5. Testimonials
  6. Price & Policies
    1. Puppy Pricing 
    2. Our Policies 
    3. Adoption Process 
    4. Adoption Application
  7. Resources
    1. Prepare for Puppy 
    2. Puppy Supplies 
    3. Training 
    4. Grooming
  8. Contact

Puppies and Breeding Dogs “Pages”

The content within Puppies and Breeding Dogs are brought in from multiple entries. If you require revisions, please contact Support.

Additional Pages

Below is a list of pages that also use a page builder interface, but include content using shortcodes. A shortcode is a small bit of code, indicated by brackets like [this], that bring dynamic content onto the page. If you require revisions to the content brought in by a shortcode, please get in touch with Support.

  • Review Funnel
  • Submit a Review
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

Read the support doc Pages to learn more about managing and editing pages.


Location of all frequently asked question entries. FAQs use a data entry form. Read the support doc FAQ to learn more about managing and editing FAQ posts.

The category selected will determine on which page the FAQ will present.


Location of all review entries. Testimonials use a data entry form. Read the support doc Testimonials to learn more about managing and editing Testimonial posts.

These are reviews submitted to your website—not 3rd party services like Google, Facebook, or Yelp. 

You can manually add testimonials or encourage customers to submit a review using the Review Funnel or Submit a Review page. 

When a visitor submits the website review form, the review does NOT automatically publish to the website. Instructions on how to publish each review are included in the Admin notification email you’ll receive with each submitted review.


Location of all website forms and the submissions associated with each form. Each form can be customized as needed. If you need to add or edit any questions on a form, please contact Support for assistance.

Below is a list of seven forms included on the website. 

  1. User Review
  2. Review Funnel
  3. Stud Services
  4. Breeding Dogs for Sale
  5. Reserve a Pup
  6. Adoption Application
  7. Contact Form

Read the support doc WPForms to learn more about managing form submissions.

When a form is submitted, two email notifications are triggered. One goes to the person who submitted the form, and the other goes to you.


Your profile page is where you can update your name, email address, password, and a few other settings. Read the support doc Profile to learn more about managing your profile. has a support doc Users Your Profile Screen where you can learn more.


The Insights dashboard is where you can find Google Analytics reports. By default, MonsterInsights Lite—the free version—is installed and set up. If you’d like to upgrade to the pro version please contact Support. Read the support doc Insights to learn more about MonsterInsights Lite’s key features


The Collaborate dashboard is the “Task Center.” Here, you’ll find all the tasks created in our communication and collaboration over the website. Read the support doc Collaborate to learn more about managing and submitting tasks.

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