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Turnkey Website Solution for Dog Breeders

Raising dogs and engaging with prospective puppy parents is time-consuming enough. Our turnkey websites make it easy to manage and promote your dogs and litters online. It’s not a theme or a template, it’s a completely customized website solution. We’ll change the colors, look, and feel to match your brand—and you’ll revise the text, add your dogs, and start adding litters.

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Stand Out From Your Competition

You breed top-of-the-line dogs and should have a website that showcases the quality breeder you are.

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Search Engine Optimized

We’ve done all the heavy lifting—technical SEO, information flow, page structure, mobile-friendly—your site is optimized and ready to rank!

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Prebuilt Webpages

Your website comes with over 30 pre-designed pages. All you need to do is add your own text, photos, dogs, and litters.

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Dog and Litter Management

You’ll enter all the details about your dogs and litters, and everything shows up exactly where it’s supposed to!

Check out our demo—OR—contact us for a free consultation to determine if we’re a good match for you and your breeding business.

Promoting Your Litters and Your Dogs

Each litter and dog is added as its own entry on your website, and includes custom fields for all the pertinent information you need displayed.

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Connect With Your Visitors

Engender Trust—and Ask for the Sale

You want your visitor to connect with and trust you. Adding information about yourself, your breeding program, the health testing you do, affiliated breeder badges, and more is an essential part of connecting with your visitor and making them feel comfortable and motivated to contact you. The page structure and information flow on your website are optimized to make that connection and establish you as an expert breeder. Each page also includes multiple calls to action (CTA), so when your visitor is ready, they can easily make first contact with you.

Spend Less Time on Your Website

Contact us for a FREE consultation to learn more about our elegant and simplified system for managing and selling your puppies online.

Prebuilt Website Forms

Give Visitors a Way to Contact You

Your website comes with multiple forms to make it easy for visitors to contact you. Presenting a relevant form to your visitor based on what they’re reading—or the page they’re on—provides a catered experience and moves them down the sales funnel. Below are seven forms that are included with your website.

  • Contact
  • First Contact – Reserve a Pup
  • Adoption Application
  • Stud Services
  • Breeding Dog for Sale
  • Submit a Review
  • Review Funnel
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Photo Galleries

Showing Off Your Dogs

Photo galleries allow you to showcase your dogs and litters. Every litter and dog entry inlcudes a photo gallery as well as the home page.

We’ll keep your website secure and working smoothly—so you can focus on what matters most.

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Optimized Site Structure

Site architecture understandable and easy to navigate for both users and search engines.

Website Security

We’ll keep your website secure and running smoothly.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting for faster, better performance, and security.

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Mobile Screenshot - Our Breeding Program
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Mobile Screenshot - Meet Current Litter
Mobile Screenshot - Meet Our Puppies
Mobile Screenshot - Puppy Profiles
Mobile Screenshot - Litter Updates
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Mobile Screenshot - Meet Our Breeding Dogs
Mobile Screenshot - Meet Our Girls
Mobile Screenshot - Prepare for Puppy FAQs
Mobile Screenshot - Prices and Policies FAQs
Mobile Screenshot - Puppy Checklist
Mobile Screenshot - Our Process
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Mobile-Friendly Design

Designed to display on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


Showcase and get regular reviews from satisfied customers. 

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization done right from start to finish!

Turnkey Dog Breeding Websites

We Create Websites that Match the Quality of Your Breeding Program

Like a “turnkey home,” our websites are “move-in” ready. Page structure and information flow are already in place and ready for you to add your own message and content. We’ll change the colors, look, and feel to match your brand—and you’ll revise the text, add your dogs, and start adding litters.

Check out our demo—OR—contact us for a free consultation to determine if we’re a good match for you and your breeding business.

Free ConsultationDiscover an Easier Way to Manage Your Litters Online

Find out how you can spend less time working on your website and more time working (and playing!) with your dogs.

Turnkey Dog Breeding Websites